cibsys – leading the challenge to optimise your business processes and IT services

cibsys provides experienced consultants and change professionals. Our methods will help you optimise your business processes and IT to meet your targets. We will help you achieve efficiencies in all areas of the business and support you through implementation of your solutions.

cibsys clients throughout Europe have benefitted from our high quality business analysis and project management experience. We can help you ensure that even the most complex changes are implemented successfully.

Our proven methods can be applied to any industry sector. Whether to assess the risks you run, or to optimise your systems portfolio, our IT and business reviews will ensure you stay ahead of the marketplace.

IT consultants


Are you spending too much? Do your services really meet your business objectives?
Let us help you assess the best ways to streamline your IT and business processes.


Want to implement change, but need help with the challenges of project delivery?
We can provide independent staff to ensure your projects are completed on time and to the highest standards.


Want to put your mind at rest by knowing your services are performing as you expect?
Trust us to give you a truly independent view of your portfolio and ensure it complies with today’s markets.

Latest News

September 2014: See our new case studies to understand how we helped our clients improve their business change processes, documentation standards, and operational efficiency.

March 2014: cibsys has launched complete business process documentation reviews.

Bullet-proof your processes for teams, partners, or compliance.

November 2013: Strategy4IT now includes the functionality to measure costs – an important addition helping you to save money on IT.